Created on August 16, 1994, the founders of RS Unitech Manufacturing and Trading Corporation (“RS Unitech”) – Ms. Edralin Lagajino, an Industrial Engineering graduate, and Mr. Joseph Gallego, a Machine ShopTechnology graduate – started the company by setting up a small machine shop. Using the small capital the founders had at that time, they exerted all efforts possible to utilize and fully maximize the knowledge, skills, and contacts at their disposal. Back then, it will be noted, Ms. Lagajino handled the operations while and Mr. Gallego handled the sales and technical aspect of the company.

With startup capital of only One Hundred Thousand Pesos (Php 100,000.00), RS Unitech initially started with just a simple office without the benefit of actually owning machinery – with most supplies coming from subcontractors or produced using rented machinery in order to maintain the quality of the toolings being produced. Realizing that more capital is required to satisfy the crescendo of company orders, the management of RS Unitech finally decided to invest on machineries to keep up with the demand.

With this investment on machinery, the rest, they say, is history. From initial manpower of just five (5) employees, RS Unitech now employs a workforce consisting of eighty (80) personnel equipped with skills ranging from sales support to technical machine operation. These personnel operate in all three (3) sites of the company located in: Paranaque City, Carmona, and Baguio City. Further, RS Unitech now has advance machineries and measuring tools which will not only keep up with the quantity demanded by its market, but will also ensure that the products meet the quality expectations of its customer.

Moreover, with the advent of new technology, RS Unitech has invested in machines which will enable it to provide designs and services for machine upgrading and toolings development. With the current capacity of its plants, not only can RS Unitech serve the demands of its customers, but it can also retrofit the product to serve their needs and specifications.

Consistent with the mission of RS Unitech to provide its customers with precision and semi-precision products at reasonable costs, the company commits to maintain its level of quality towards providing feasible solutions on time – all the time.


RS Unitech seeks to expand its local operations to solidly establish a foothold in the local market. Furthermore, within the next five (5) years, RS Unitech aims to breach the Asian export market and establish its presence therein for the manufacture and distribution of precision and semi-precision products.


RS Unitech aims to design and fabricate precision and semi-precision toolings through the utilization of technology and innovation, in line with the provision of quality products which satisfy the specifications and expectations of our customer, at the lowest possible cost and within the shortest amount of time.


RS Unitech envisions itself to a company which is globally known for the industrial and technological quality of its precision and semi-precision products.

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